Behind the Scenes: Handmade Jewelry

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Behind the Scenes Foxblossom Co. Handmade Jewelry

With the Winter 2016 launch of the new came another exciting category to our product lineup: handmade jewelry. Our goal was to create a line of minimalist, personalized, and most importantly, affordable, pieces that you or your loved ones will want to keep forever. In today's blog post, we're giving our readers an in-depth look into how we make our jewelry, and what makes it unique. Read more below!

The Maker

Meredith Foxblossom Co. Jeweler headshot


With the addition of our new line of jewelry came the hiring of our first full-time jeweler, Meredith! Meredith is a graduate of Edinboro University (a couple hours north of our Pittsburgh, PA headquarters) with a Bachelor's Degree in Metalsmithing. Meredith came to us with a diverse background in jewelry making and management, and she quickly dove into her role designing and creating a line of lovely pieces for our customers. Meredith creates each and every piece from start-to-finish using only the finest raw materials, leaving our customers with clean, beautiful jewelry that's built-to-last.

The Process

making a ring

When our team first set out designing our jewelry, we had one thing in mind: simplicity. These necklaces, bracelets and rings are meant to be timeless, which is why we worked hard to create pieces that incorporate classic design elements and materials. Most importantly, everything is custom and made-to-order. This allows us to accommodate special requests and create personalized pieces that are truly unique . From stone setting to packing and shipping, each piece of jewelry is handmade with love right in our Pittsburgh studio.

The Materials

Difference between gold-plated, gold-filled and solid gold

The majority of our jewelry is made using either gold-filled, rose gold-filled or sterling silver. Gold-filled, in short, is an affordable, durable alternative to solid gold. In comparison to gold-plated jewelry pieces, gold-filled contains almost 100 percent more actual gold.

How it's made: gold-filled material is constructed in two or three layers by bonding a gold alloy via heat and pressure to a brass core. Because the layer of gold is much thicker than in gold-plated, the jewelry will withstand heat, water and wear over time without the inner brass core being exposed. Gold-filled pieces last longer, don't tarnish easily, and definitely don't turn your skin green when you wear them (bonus!). To clean your gold-filled jewelry, we recommend a jewelry polishing cloth, or mild soap and water.

Why did we choose to use 14K gold-filled over solid gold? With gold-filled jewelry we are able to keep our costs low, which in turn let's us provide you with high quality jewelry at the lowest prices possible. Check out our handy graphic above to get a better understanding of the differences between the materials.

You can browse all of our handmade jewelry here. Want to know more? Feel free to email me!

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