Love You Mom | Mother's Day Gift Ideas She is Sure to Adore

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Mother’s Day - one of the few holidays specifically devoted to the amazing women in our lives - is coming up on May 14th. While you should tell your mom you love her every day, this day is a wonderful opportunity to show your mom how much she means to you. Here are some fantastic ideas to celebrate your wonderful mom.


Foxblossom Co. Mother Daughter Eternity Bracelet

One of the easiest ways to tell someone they are special to you is to gift them a beautiful piece of jewelry. The key to this gift is to make it personal and special to your mom - our Tiny Initial Necklace Set, which features an initial on each pendant, can fit this role perfectly. Put your initial on one, and hers on the other, and it can be a lovely accessory for her to cherish as a symbol of your relationship. Make it even more personal and buy yourself a matching set and you’ve got a way to keep you and your mom connected at the heart.

With jewelry, it’s not just the piece itself that makes it special, it’s the meaning behind it that really makes it a gift from the heart. Our Mother Daughter Eternity Bracelet, for example, is a simple, everyday piece that also carries a heartfelt message, symbolizing the bond between a mother and daughter that simply cannot be broken.

Quality Time

Not all moms want or wear much jewelry, and that’s OK! You know your mom best, so if jewelry isn’t her thing, try something else to let her know how much she means to you. Give her the gift of you!

Make a point to set aside some time just for her, no interruptions, no distractions, just the two of you. Take her to dinner and a movie. Treat her to a day at the spa with massages and mani/pedis for the two of you. If you both enjoy baking, spend a day at her house making goodies and just talking about life, the way you used to when you were a kid. Or, try a girl's night with your mom: gather up your favorite movies, get on your comfiest pajamas, and pour a nice glass of wine (or two, or three) in a cute, personalized glass, and enjoy some relaxing time together.

Foxblossom Co. Personalized Wine Glass

This gift is special because it shows your mom that you really get her. You know what she likes, and what she appreciates. She’s been where you are before, and chances are she understands that life gets in the way. By setting aside your time and attention to devote to time with her will mean the world to her.

Personalized Gift Boxes 

Foxblossom Co. Mother's Day Gift Box

There was a time when you were a kid that handmade gifts made out of glue and macaroni were perfectly acceptable gifts for your mom. But, as you’ve grown up, you’ve, hopefully, graduated to more mature gifts. We're happy to say you can still throw a little thought into your Mother's Day gifting without going full macaroni necklace, courtesy of our personalized gift boxes.

A gift box can be a wonderful way to give a gift with a personal touch. Choose one of our pre-made options, or curate your own from more than 100 gift options using our Custom Gift Box Builder. We have everything from scarves, to nail polishes, coffee mugs, jewelry, soaps, and even candies can be added to your gift box, making this a great choice for mothers who have eclectic tastes.

We also have nine greeting cards for you to chose from, each of which includes a personalized, hand-written message to make your gift truly special. We assemble and wrap your gift in-house and ship it directly from our Pittsburgh studio to your Mother's door. Unlike flowers, our gift boxes will stand the test of time - the sturdy box is covered in a beautiful gray Irish linen wrap, which makes it perfect for re-use as a memory box.

However you decide to show your mom how much you appreciate her, be sure to make it special and from the heart. Don’t just give a gift to give a gift - make it sincere, make it special and make it something that will put a smile on her face when she receives it.

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