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THNKS Fireside Gift Box

This set is perfect for everyone on your list this season - from Secret Santas and bosses, to party hosts and neighbors. 

T H I S   B O X   I N C L U D E S 
Foxblossom Co. Cider Candle
This classic scent of holiday season can't be left out. Hand-poured in small batches in our studio.
Gold Candle Snuffer
This is an essential tool for candle lovers! Candle snuffers allow you to extinguish your candles without having to blow them out (and risking a hot wax mess). The snuffer keeps air away from the flame to allow it to extinguish safely and efficiently.
Luxury Playing Cards Ivory Tycoon
Premium, designer playing cards featuring crisp, intricate gold foil details. The best playing cards you'll ever own.
Holiday Floral Bundle
These beautiful dried floral bundles are the perfect way to top off any artisanal gift box!  

Foxblossom Co. Signature Matte Black Gift Box & Black Satin Bow
Handmade in the USA, perfect for storing special keepsakes or other mementos.