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THNKS Mindful Meditation Gift Box

With all of the stress in the world today, it’s more important than ever to be present in the moment, and stay connected with friends and family. Our Mindful Meditation gift box is just what they need to help disconnect and recharge. A perfect gift for overworked employees, tired new parents, or college students away from home.

Holiday Pre-Order Gift: Orders placed between 10/31-12/11, gifts will ship for delivery between 12/13-12/23. Gifts sell out quickly every year, so shop early and reserve inventory! 

T H I S   B O X   I N C L U D E S  

Mindful Affirmations Cards
Change Your Life with Positivity- Practice mindful thinking with Intelligent Change’s inspirational cards deck. Reading simple yet effective affirmation words daily imprints positive messages on your subconscious mind to help nurture your mental well-being.
Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant
A beautiful, unique plant that does not require soil or planting. Care instructions included.
White Petal Tea Blend
These delicate, shade-dried leaves from China's Fujian Province are naturally high in antioxidants. Egyptian chamomile petals and Chinese osmanthus flowers add a fragrant, toasty, creamy and slightly sweet bloom of flavor.
MAST Mini Tea Chocolate Bar
The table is set, the scones and biscuits are out, and the cucumber sandwiches are cut into perfect little triangles. The ritual has begun but not without a modern twist.  Handcrafted in small batches in NY.
16oz Sandstone Mug
Take your tea or coffee in an artisanal-inspired cup. A reactive glaze technique produces dazzling results, making each piece truly unique.
Signature Gray Linen Gift Box with Satin Bow
Handmade in the USA, perfect for storing special keepsakes or other mementos.