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THNKS Peppermint Twist Gift Box

Our best-selling Cocoa Break gift box is the perfect gift for client or employee gifting.  Artisan hot cocoa with a unique extra-portable travel mug, and chocolate sweets, are just what they need for a mid-day pick me up.  Great for gifting co-workers, teachers, and friends, too! 

Holiday Pre-Order Gift: Orders placed between 10/31-12/11, gifts will ship for delivery between 12/13-12/23. Gifts sell out quickly every year, so shop early and reserve inventory!

 T H I S   B O X   I N C L U D E S

Stojo 12oz Collapsible Travel Cup
Not too big, not too small, the 12oz is just right for just about everything. Take it with you everywhere. Perfect for an on-the-go coffee trip!
Retreat Drinks Peppermint Hot Cacao
Small batch, made with all natural ingredients. Organic and vegan. Refreshing organic peppermint extract is blended thoughtfully with rich hot cacao - the perfect pick me up any time of year. Just add water. Single serve package.
Peppermint Sticks Hard Candy
There's no Holiday Season without peppermint candies!
Petite Gift Box with Satin Ribbon

Handmade in the USA, perfect for storing special keepsakes or other momentos.