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June 05, 2019 3 min read

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes

We were excited when Taylor, the Talent Development Coordinator at Pariveda Solutions, reached out at the beginning of the year to work together on gifts for their growing Management Team. We had created a few one-off gifts for them last year and were looking forward to establishing a great relationship to help improve their client and internal gifting strategies in 2019.

For this project, Taylor was looking for a sleek, luxurious gift to welcome employees at a conference in April. The goal was to create a branded gift that appealed to both genders and focused on professional gifts that went beyond the typical corporate swag.

With the Pariveda logo and brand guidelines in-hand, we started working on an initial gift design and proposal for Taylor's review. We chose to propose a few of our most popular gifts in the corporate realm, which included a Corkcicle tumbler and a Native Union wireless charging pad (two products we use daily and swear by!). We then rounded out the design with a few of our most useful, popular products that complement their branding, such as a pair of blue Public Supply pocket notebooks, a branded silver foil stamped notepad/set of silver metal minimalist pens, and our favorite hand cream in monochromatic, gender neutral packaging. You can check out the initial mockup we sent to Taylor below.

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes

After a couple revisions on the initial design and a follow-up call with Taylor, we settled on a sleek gift box with a tech/corporate focus that included the Corkcicle coffee tumbler, Public Supply pocket notebooks and pens and Native Union wireless charger, as well as a couple "treats" for use during the conference: a pair of delicious Mast Brothers sea salt chocolate bars and a single pot serving of premium ground coffee (perfect for upping your hotel coffee game). We also wrapped the notebooks in a custom branded Pariveda band for a special touch that didn't break the bank.

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes

We love the strong color theme of the final box - this is something we focus on that takes your gifts to the next level. Having like-colors in gift boxes shows a thoughtfulness that is unmatched by other gift boxes and gift boxes available around the web.

As with any corporate project, our goal was to create a gift box filled with items that the recipient will keep and use frequently. Our worst nightmare is a corporate or client gift that gets thrown in a drawer, or even worse, the trash can, by the receiver (we're looking at you, promotional plastic pen, rubber keychain, logo frisbee...). In a Marie Kondo world, keepsake items that are useful and practical are king. We think we succeeded in landing on a design that was visually impressive and filled with functional, practical gifts that "spark joy."

It was an absolute pleasure working with Taylor and Pariveda on this project. We're so thrilled with the final result, and were happy to hear from Taylor that they were a hit!


Are you looking to create a custom gifting suite for your clients, employees or partners? Whether you're a community leader or trailblazing the Global 50, Foxblossom Co. will deliver the best corporate gifting strategy your company has ever had, and make it seamless for you from design to fulfillment. Email us at corporategifting@foxblossom.com to schedule a free consult with one of our gifting specialists today.

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